1:1 ipad Program

Practical learning experiences


At Richmond Primary, we value learning experiences that are applicable to the real world. ICT is now embraced as a critical resource for learning, aiming to prepare our students for the modern world in which they live.

iPad (tablet) technology is resourced at one device per child in years 3-6, in order to maximise learning opportunities for all students to learn in their own unique way, and at their own pace.

There are many educational advantages of having iPad technology in classrooms, including:

  • Personalised learning: Numeracy and literacy activities are at the right level for each student to challenge and stimulate them.
  • Enhancement of the 4 Cs: iPads enhance broader skills development of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical learning.
  • Multimodal learning: iPads provide the opportunity for a variety of different learners and learning styles, e.g. auditory, kinaesthetic and visual methods.
  • Learning efficiencies: iPads are simple to use and are extremely low maintenance, enhancing administrative efficiency for teachers and freeing up more time for learning outcomes